Partners In Care was created in 1987 to provide a wide range of fiduciary and care management services for individuals in need of assistance, support or protection.

Partners In Care takes pride in providing the highest-quality services. To learn more please call us at:

Partners In Care, a Washington nonprofit corporation created in 1987, provides a wide range of fiduciary and care management services for individuals in need of assistance, support, or protection.
Partners In Care's staff is highly trained and experienced in all aspects of care management and fiduciary service. Partners In Care intends to help achieve the best quality of life possible, considering a person's lifestyle and needs. Options can range from contracted services, per written agreement to fiduciary services including Power of Attorney, Trust or Guardianship management.

Fiduciary services include a broad range of tasks such as accounting, property management, and maintenance services. Partners In Care strives to meet each client's unique needs.

Care management plans are developed with the client in mind. Partners In Care works to include family, friends and physicians when possible for the client’s benefit. Our care management services take into consideration each client's varied needs and desires.
Partners In Care is insured, bonded*, and independently audited on an annual basis.

Partners In Care's experience has shown that each individual's needs are unique, and will strive to meet them while maintaining both dignity and compassion. If you think we can help or if you would like more information about our services, please call William Jaback or Melissa Schafer at 206-525-2729 or email at or

Partners In Care is a Certified Professional Guardianship (CPG) agency, and serves as Guardian of Person and Estate for individuals.
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Partners In Care serves as trustee and tailors its services to the needs of its beneficiaries.
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Power of Attorney
Partners In Care serves as Power or Attorney for health care and finances for individuals.
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Probate Administration
Partners In Care serves as Personal Representative or Executor or Estates under a will or by Court appointment.
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Care Management
Partners In Care provides Care Management services on a contract basis.
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Property Management
In Care provides assistance with managing real and personal property on a contract basis
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Please note that Partners In Care does not provide investment advice or stand-alone investing services.